La Música Peruana

I had the good fortune to be invited to attend a concert of  traditional Peruvian music on Monday night   – 8th July, at the ICPNA in Miraflores.  I had seen some examples previously in Spanish lessons and also have watched some videos on you tube . There were several acts, all featuring guitars and vocals. .And, even though it was filmed on my lowly little Ipod, I have finally produced a video and uploaded it to You Tube.

It was not the usual type of concert that I would attend and it certainly did not evoke the the same feelings that a Hawkwind performance would. Nevertheless, on hearing that Morrissey was in Lima and due to perform, I am certain, of the two concerts, La Música Peruana was the more uplifting. I am sure in the coming months, I will get to sample much more of this blend of cultures. I am already weighing up the prospect of attending a similar show next week.

5 thoughts on “La Música Peruana

  1. you always said you wanted to learn an instrument, and after the lost blog and this, the guitar is coming out tops, then you really would be able to busk x x

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