San Isidro

Following on from last week’s walk to Barranco with Mike from South American Explorers, this week we decided to go to San Isidro another suburb of Lima which is adjacent to Miraflores. Apart from the exercise, we had a couple of other objectives; to check out the proposed new site of South American Explorers, which is moving home within the next few weeks and to look at Parque Olivar which is in the centre of San Isidro. IMG_0164 Apparently, the park contains more than 1500 olive trees, some more gnarled and wrinkly than me.IMG_0153

The park is very popular with families and also with newlyweds who apparently stroll through the park after their wedding ceremony. There is also a live music facility IMG_0163. No doubt the venue for the Morrissey concert. Although perhaps it’s a bit too big.

The park does boast several water features, the largest and most spectacular was sadly closed for refurbishmentIMG_0166. Although a sneaky look behind the tarpaulins, seems to confirm the rumour that it is in fact, being converted to a skateboarding park. IMG_0165.

The park and its environs are also popular with dog walkers and I confess to squealing with delight when I saw this little poodle.IMG_0161 It is actually wearing shoes. I did not get close enough to see if it was wearing socks.

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