The Road to Canta

My last weekend in Lima was spent out of the city but still within the province of Lima. A trip to the region of Canta in the Andes, North East of the city of Lima. I went with my friend Sonia, her work colleague, Jonathan and 2 more members of his family. As seems to be the way here, in Lima at least, the travel arrangements were slightly complicated. Half an hour´s walk to the Metropolitano station, travel to the furthest station and be collected by Jonathan´s family in their car. It was comfortable enough for the 5 of us. To begin with at least.

I had been told that the road we were going on was not exactly motorway standard. Well, we had not gone far out of Lima, when I realised that the road was just an endless series of potholes. It is currently being upgraded and there is work going on at various sites on the road. The problem is that the cars have to share the road with the trucks and earth’moving equipment.


After a while the others decide to stop for some food, I was not fussed as I had left the penthouse at 06.00, having had my usual banana for breakfast. I gave in when I was asked to try some “chirimoya“, although it did look odd. But then so does a pineapple.

DSCN1160     DSCN1161

It has a very sweet flesh but seems to have more pips than a pomegranate.






Suitably refreshed, we continued our journey through numerous patches of major roadworks.




After working in quarries and on major construction projects for many years, I thought I had seen most things. I have never seen anything quite like this though.


                                                       The drilling rig was working just above the “road.


                                                      The 360 excavator was hurling rocks on to the road below.


 The shovel operator must have felt invulnerable, sitting as close as he was to the tumbling rock face. A contractor´s sign proclaimed. “1,000,000 hours without accidents”. I am struggling with that.

Eventually, after about 5 hours but which seemed like an eternity, with the poor car taking a battering underneath from the uneven surface and rocks, we turned off the highway and stopped at a lovely little watering hole. Well, a hole with water in.



                                                  From  there we travelled a short distance into a valley, to a place called Obrajillo,


…….where we stopped for lunch.


                                                              I had trout which was  caught in the river running through the valley.


  After lunch we went up to a small village with some stunning views….


                                                                                      ….and some not so stunning.


After visiting the sweet little village of San Miguel…..



                                                                           …we moved on to Canta where we stayed the night.

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