Laquipampa is a wildlife refuge ( Perú´s first) in the Lambayeque region in the north of Perú. Its main goal is to protect the pava aliblanca (white winged guan), which is an endangered species. The reserve is also a haven for various other types of flora and fauna. I was filled with anticipation as we set off early on Sunday morning, expecting to see a whole bunch of wildlife.

I could have returned to my hotel disillusioned and disappointed as we did not actually see very much in terms of animals. To see the pava aliblanca, you would have to arrive very early in the morning. As we did not arrive until late morning, they were already out of sight and probably out of harm´s way. It was still a great day out and a good place to visit, to just enjoy nature.

I was delighted to see more butterflies than I have seen previously, in my entire life. Unfortunately, they proved to be elusive as far as photos are concerned, although maybe I was a bit too slow to capture them.

DSCN2045One of only 2 butterflies I managed to photograph.

DSCN2041As I tried to get closer to this bird, I managed to scare it away. I should have had more creeping lessons in my previous life.

DSCN2049At last. Something that won´t run or fly away.

DSCN2060And something that kept flying away and then returning. A proper tease.

DSCN2071Beautiful scenery, as I have come to expect in Perú.


DSCN2123Our trusty guide Napoleon, in whose hands I was, literally, as we had to sidle along a narrow ledge to access this lovely pool.

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