Las Playas

I went on a trip to the seaside recently, to some beaches near Chiclayo in Perú. As there were only two clients for this trip, the tourist company, Sipán Tours, provided us with a car and driver instead of the usual minibus. Also, because David, the other client, did not speak any Spanish, they provided an English speaking guide, Christopher. It was a very pleasant day.

I was surprised when, on our way to the beach, we stopped at an ostrich farm, although I did make a connection with sand, where ostriches allegedly bury their heads. There was no evidence of this at the farm, however.

The farm is not a sanctuary and the birds, ostriches and emus, are reared for their feathers, their skin and of course for their meat. My previous experience of eating ostrich meat was not pleasant, so I declined the offer to try it.

DSCN2208Young emus…

DSCN2209…and a solitary young ostrich.

DSCN2214Not so young and very inquisitive.

DSCN2223A much larger and much less friendly ostrich.

From the ostrich farm, we moved onto the beach at Pimentel, which was really pleasant. So much better than the only other beach I have visited in Perú, at Lurín in Lima, which was badly polluted.

DSCN2231The pier is open to the public for a small admission fee.

DSCN2232The beach is popular with surfers.

The waterfront has many restaurants, as you might expect in such a popular seaside town with a strong fishing tradition. I finally decided to try ceviche, which is a national dish of raw fish marinated in lemon. It was delicious and I am looking forward to having it again. Unusually, for me, I did not take a photo of the meal but have located one which is similar to the meal we had.

Ceviche de pescado (La Punta, Callao)
By Jorge G. Mori ([1]) [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons

DSCN2245After lunch, we went to look at the Caballitos de Totora. Reed boats used by the local fishermen.

DSCN2239Fishermen returning home…

DSCN2243…with today´s catch.

DSCN2237This attracts a crowd of prospective customers…

DSCN2248…and a crowd of scavengers.

DSCN2260From Pimentel, we travelled to nearby Santa Rosa where the fishermen use much larger craft…


DSCN2229…with which the reed boats have to compete.

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