Chaparrí ecological reserve is a dry forest area in northern Perú about 70kms north of Chiclayo. It is home to some endangered species, such as the Spectacled Bear and White Winged Guan as well as many other types of flora and fauna.

I was part of a small group which included myself, a couple from Lima and our driver. We travelled in a family sized car but this was not a great idea as the last 15kms of the journey are more suited to a 4×4. I suspect the underneath of the car sustained some damage as we neared our destination.

At the ticket office, we were joined by our guide, Juan, who was very knowledgeable, as you would expect and eagle eyed. He was constantly pointing out subjects worthy of photographing, however, as frequently seems to be the case, the subjects proved to be uncooperative. This was not helped by another group of tourists who failed to realise that if you make a lot of noise, it tends to frighten the wildlife away.

Chaparrí appears to be a great place for bird watchers. I imagine it is a good place to stay for a couple of days, so that you can settle down and wait for the birds and animals, instead of trying to pursue them through the forest. Nevertheless, I had yet another good day out.





DSCN2331I was happy that this bear was some distance away.

DSCN2354Balancing act.

DSCN2355Even further away.

DSCN2338This bear was in an enclosure. As I understand it, it is used for bears which have been recovered from people who have captured them illegally. The bears are put in the enclosure before being released back into the wild.

DSCN2369Probably not another Inca bath.


DSCN2341Not quite perfect camouflage. Well, I spotted it.

DSCN2388After walking for a great distance for a few hours, chasing birds through bushes and thickets, these 2 posers were waiting for us when we got back to the car park. I love irony.

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