The Nazca Lines

Seeing the Nazca Lines, has to be near the top of anybody’s list of things to do in Perú. There are observation towers, which you can climb to get a better view than at ground level but it is worth stumping up the extra money and taking a short flight. I paid $120 which made it the most expensive 35 minutes of entertainment in my life. It was well worth it though.

When I left Pisco at 7.30 in the morning, I still was not sure if I would be taking the Nazca flight. I had a dodgy stomach the day before. Fortunately by the time I got to Nazca at 11AM, I was feeling much better. I was met at the bus station by Pepe of Aeroparacas, who, as soon as he knew I was feeling up to it, organised my flight over the lines.

Pepe is a friend of Bertha, who organised my tour round the Paracas National Reserve and was generally helpful with advice during my stay at the Tambo Colorado Hotel in Pisco. I have been very fortunate in recent weeks with tour companies and with my choice of hotels.

The Nazca airfield is just a short distance from the city and, after completing the formalities, which included being weighed and of course, paying the airport tax, I was on the tarmac ready to board the plane.

???????????????????????????????????????The plane…

??????????????????…pilot and co-pilot. The co-pilot was great for cueing up when the forms were going to be showing up beneath the wings. It was difficult to take photos, as the pilot was constantly maneuvering the plane, to try and give people on both sides of the aircraft an opportunity to see the shapes.

?????????This was about as high as we got.

?????????The Whale


?????????????The Astronaut

??????????The Monkey

???????If you look carefully, you may see The Dog.

???????????????The Hummingbird

??????????The Spider

??????????The Condor

??????????The Parrot

??????????????????????The Tree and The Hands


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