I was in Nazca for less than 10 hours but the flight over the Nazca Lines only lasted 35 minutes and the whole experience was less than 2 hours. In the afternoon, Pepe, the tour operator at AeroParacas organised a trip to Cahuachi, an archaeological site about an hour´s drive through the desert from Nazca.

The Nazca people are said to have used Cahuachi mainly for ceremonial purposes and it did not have a large population.

The site is huge, consisting of some 40 adobe pyramids. Sadly, like many similar sites in Perú, they have been subjected to looting. The part of the site I visited was quite easily accessible via a dirt road and has been restored to some degree.

????????Not restored.


????????To protect the restoration, you cannot go on to the pyramids.


????????Cahuachi is set in a stunning landscape.

????????We then travelled a short distance back toward Nazca…

???????????????????????… to see an example of the aquaducts built by the Nazca culture.

???????????????????We arrived there just before sunset.


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