Machu Picchu

For some years I had the ambition to visit Machu Picchu. Perú´s famous Inca site and possibly the most famous tourist destination in the world. My adventure in South America began more than 3 months ago but, as I was aware of the fact that, to really enjoy it, I needed to improve my fitness level, I delayed the trip until I was sure I felt fully capable .

Fortunately, all of the running and walking around Lima and Chiclayo over the past few months, has paid dividends. After the 15km hike of the day before, I went to bed early, in order to get up at 4 am. I left my hotel at 4.30 and reached the bridge which you have to cross to gain access to Machu Picchu, before 5.00, at which time the gate is opened to allow people in.

The climb to the entrance to Machu Picchu itself is 450 metres, most of it via steep and uneven steps. I set myself a time of somewhere between an hour and eternity and was well pleased to find myself queuing at the entrance with people who had taken the bus up, after only an hour and 15 minutes. My legs were feeling tired but that soon passed as I entered the amazing citadel in the sky that is Machu Picchu.









DSCN3174The Inca Bridge

DSCN3190From another level.





DSCN3329The Long and Winding bus route.

DSCN3330The bus and pedestrian bridges.

DSCN3336The Temple of The Condor

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