After visiting Machu Picchu on Saturday, I was planning to have a day or two resting, as my legs were somewhat weary. I had travelled back to Cusco the night before, which is where I will be based for the next three weeks.

During an online conversation with Sonia, my friend in Lima, she said she had a very good friend in Cusco who could show me around. I  agreed to meet Luis and after briefly getting acquainted and discussing my likes and dislikes, we decided to go to nearby San Jeronimo, where they were having a fiesta.

We arrived just as the parade was about to begin. There were many people participating, wearing bright, colourful costumes. They were accompanied by various bands as they danced through the streets. I was conscious of the fact that I could not see any other tourists there, although I am sure there must have been some. It is a great way to see how the local population enjoy themselves. Everyone seemed happy and friendly.

I did not have my camera with me, so had to rely on the Ipod for photos.


One thought on “Fiesta

  1. Well Pete, another great chapter in your quest. The pictures and information is really well documented. The “Fiesta” pictures, makes me wonder how far back in time they go. I.E their faces. Dread to think of living in those days. Yes Pete, retirement has finally come. Look forward to the next chapter bye for now.

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