Bolivia – Day 2

On the second day in Bolivia, I was glad to get an early start and get away from the fumes in the “hostal”, which came from the dining room floor which seemed to have been washed with diesel.

The first stop was an incredible display of natural stone “art”.

From the rocks, we continued through the mountains and volcanoes to another lagoon.

On then to a stunning display from nature. A volcano had blown its top and deposited it over a vast area. Some of the lumps of lava having been shaped by nature and interpreted by the natives. You can use your own imagination.

Click on photos for a slide show.

2 thoughts on “Bolivia – Day 2

  1. Yes Pete, they are truly amazing photographs. Do not know where you got the inspiration to do this trip? Really remarkable what you have achieved so far. Looking forward to the next chapter.Good luck for now.

  2. Thanks Stan. I have had a desire to visit South America for a long time. I only have a month left now before returning to the UK but still have some great places to visit in that time.

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