News July 06th 2013

I have still not been able to go on the sea kayaking trip I had planned but there are two weeks remaining before I leave Lima, so hopefully, I may still have an opportunity. On the subject of leaving Lima, it is my plan at the moment to head for Arequipa, in the south of Perú, before moving onto Cuzco.

I am having problems finding suitable (cheap) accommodation in Arequipa at the moment, although Cuzco looks to be easier. I want to go to Arequipa first as it is at a lower altitude than Cuzco, so may make it easier to acclimatize.

Before I leave Lima, I plan to do some 1 or 2 day trips locally. Endearing, though this city is, I need to see more than the occasional glimpse of the sun that Lima offer this time of year.

Not that it has been misrepresented in anyway. My reason for staying here for more than a month, was to continue building up my physical strength which had plummeted to an all time low recently. I am now up to running more than 3ks. Not much, I know, but this time last year I was running 15k and I am not sure if I will ever get back to that. I will keep trying. Also, today I walked almost 14k in about 3.5 hours, which included a pit-stop and some photo opportunities. DSCN0689_343

I feel I am making adequate progress for any challenges that lay ahead. The first one probably being, getting out of bed tomorrow.

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