News August 20th 2013

A quick update as, I have just had an exceptionally busy 3 days (for me). I travelled up to Canta in the mountains North East of Lima with Peruvian friend Sonia, her work colleague and some of his relations. Five of us in a decent sized family car. Comfortable I thought, until I saw the state of the road. It is currently being upgraded but road users are going to have to put up with a lot of disruption and discomfort until the roadworks are completed.DSCN1158 I can think of other uses for the machine.

The journey could not have been much more than 100kms but took in the region of 5 hours. This was followed by a day and a half of enjoying spectacular scenery DSCN1328and some very interesting food in rustic locationsDSCN1222 Meat and veg is all I can tell you as this was not my meal.

I got back to the penthouse in Lima quite late on Sunday night, although the return journey was less torturous. On Monday, I just had time to go for a short run, pack and get a taxi to the Terrapuerto for my 15 hour plus, bus ride to Cajamarca in the North of Peru. Look out for posts expanding on last weekend, coming soon.


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