News August 30th 2013

I have spent 10 interesting days in Cajamarca and am now moving on to Chiclayo. It is nearer the coast and once again with lots of activities on offer. This trip should only last about 5 hours and I am planning to stay there for about 2 weeks.


The people in Cajamarca have been very friendly, although I still struggle with their accent and the speed of their speech. During a conversation I was having with the hotel ( Hostal Giraflores) owners last night, Elena, the landlady, said that I had improved a lot over the 10 days. I found it hard work at times but perseverance pays off. I am hoping that the next destination will not present more of a challenge.

4 thoughts on “News August 30th 2013

  1. enjoy a safe journey to Chiclayo, look forward to pictures and reports, its interesting to hear what these places are like, look after yourself mate………

  2. Hi Uncle Peter, I have just been looking at your photos and blog for the first time. I have been laughing non stop! A few thoughts, you did not say how much the hard boiled eggs cost that you had for lunch. Also what did you hit the dog with that tried to bite you? Poppy has advised me to carry a hockey stick whilst jogging just in case!
    The photos are brilliant.

    • Hi Nicola, thanks for taking the time to visit and to leave a comment. You have probably just stopped me from closing the blog down as I thought people were not interested. If it gave you a good chuckle, it is certainly worth carrying on.
      To answer your questions; the eggs cost me about 25p for the two and the dog felt the back of my hand (clenched).
      Tell your dad that there is no point in you carrying a hockey stick when jogging, as dogs prefer football.

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