News August 04th 2013

Since returning from the trip to the Cañete region last Tuesday, I have done precious little. The reason being, I picked up a nasty throat infection, probably in the close confines of one of the overcrowded vehicles.

Not wishing to spread the germs, I limited my excursions to food shopping and a trip to the local Post Office. Germs or no germs, I have to eat and also I needed to send some documents back to the UK, as I had left some unfinished business.

The trip to the Post Office was something of a shock to the system. It was just an A4ish sized envelopes with maybe 20 pages of A4 inside. I asked to send it air mail and was given the options of fast or slow. Well as the fast option was 5 or 6 days and the documents were required urgently, I really had no choice. Fast track, about £22. I then had to put my fingerprint on 5 pages of consignment notes or whatever.  In spite of the cost I was happy to get that out of the way. It did annoy me a bit though that in these marvellous days of the internet, I was not permitted to electronically sign and send the paperwork.

One other thing. It has been pointed out to me that sometimes I put things in my posts that, without a photo and/or an adequate description, mean absolutely nothing to some of the readers. Sorry about that. And to set the matter straight about “tamales”.  I have no idea of the recipe, except the one I had, was made from maize and chicken as the main ingredients and wrapped in leaves. There is probably lots of other stuff that people who can cook would be interested in.  However, my skill with food is severely limited. I nuked it in the microwave for 2 minutes, as advised by the lady in the supermarket, removed the leaves and ate it. Very nice it was too.IMG_0145.

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