News July 27th 2013

This weekend is the climax of “Fiestas Patrias” week. Monday 29th July is a national holiday and there is normally a big military parade attended by major government officials etc. However, I have just read that due to there being several reported deaths from swine flu, some of the parades have been cancelled in an attempt to stop the disease from spreading.

I am planning to visit a local fair this afternoon. I am meeting a friend beforehand, who lives in Lima. I will be seeking advice from her beforehand as she seems knowledgeable about all things. Indeed, she was one of those who advised me about certain danger areas and seems less than impressed that I got myself into a potentially tricky situation.

Life often provides a balance and this weekend is no exception. I have also read that some 200,000 cars are expected to leave Lima this weekend (so much like home), which of course will make it a much safer place for pedestrians. I would not like to speculate what the odds are that the people in the cars will be infected with swine flu.

Plaza de Armas in Cajamarca, Peru

Plaza de Armas in Cajamarca, Peru (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

In the meantime, I have been finalising plans for my move away from Lima and have now booked a room in a hotel in Cajamarca, a city very famous in the history of Perú.

From there I will be travelling to Chiclayo which is close to some of the oldest pre-Inca sites. I will be leaving Lima on the 19th August.

English: Chiclayo Cathedral in Peru Español: C...

English: Chiclayo Cathedral in Peru Español: Catedral de Chiclayo en Perú (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

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