News September 14th 2013

I have been in Chiclayo for 2 weeks now. I still have very mixed feelings about the people here, although those involved in service industries, such as hotels, tourism and restaurants are all very friendly.

Apart from that, I find people quite unfriendly at times. I am easily identifiable as a “gringo” and frequently hear it as I walk through the streets. That does not particularly bother me but I find myself being barged into a lot (particularly by young people) and recently was hit by a taxi that was driven on to the pavement where I was running. Fortunately, I only suffered a very minor bruise. But it is typical of the disregard the people have for personal space (my personal space).

Barging is frequently used as a distraction by teams of pick-pockets, so every time it happens, I wonder if I am about to be robbed. It has not happened yet but I can’t allow myself to get complacent.

I would not want to deter people from coming to Chiclayo because there is so much to see in this area. I will have been here almost 3 weeks by the time I leave and could easily have achieved what I have done in half the time. Also I would recommend that people use recognised tourist companies to get them to the places of interest. The company I have been using, Sipán Tours, have been very helpful in getting me to the places I want to go, even if it was not part of a regular tour. They are also competitively priced.

English: Human-made sculpture near Ballestas I...

English: Human-made sculpture near Ballestas Islands in Peru, carved in the sands probably by the Paracas civilization (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

On Tuesday, I will be heading South again, travelling to Pisco. I have to change buses in Lima and will be travelling for almost 24 hours. Although my hotel is in Pisco, no disrespect to them but my reasons for going there are the Paracas National Reserve the Inca site at Tamba Colorado and the Ballestas islands. I am sure there will also be some noteworthy things in Pisco itself.

English: Sea lion on Ballestas islands

English: Sea lion on Ballestas islands (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

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