Colpa and Cascades

On Monday, I went to Colpa, which used to be a successful farm and now appears to be a successful tourist attraction.DSCN1666It has an artificial lake, complete with artificial islands.

DSCN1691As we arrived, the storm clouds were gathering and it was not long before we were heading for the shelter….

DSCN1677… of the hacienda, as the torrential rain began.

DSCN1676After the downpour subsided, we looked at the farm’s little church….

DSCN1686…which had some nice stained glass windows but not much else.

The farm does have a party trick involving its cows, whereby each one is called by name to go to its individual feeding stall. It is quite clever but I don’t want to get carried away.  The farm, like many others in the area produces a wide range of dairy related foods and drinks.

From the farm we moved off towards our next destination, waterfalls. This involved some walking….

DSCN1694and some balancing to cross a couple of small rivers.

DSCN1702It must have been at least a kilometre walk in each direction but it was worth it.



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Granja Porcón

On Saturday, I joined a tour to Granja Porcón, a farming cooperative situated in a dense pine forest about 30 km north-east of the city of Cajamarca. Apart from day visits, the farm offers hands on farm experience and activity holidays.

DSCN1556On the way there we stopped at  a stone-masonry to see some local artisans and their work. I was intrigued by the dump trucks and felt a little nostalgic. I resisted the urge to buy one as they weighed more than 1Kg each. Nevertheless, they were well made.



View on arrival at the farm.

DSCN1579I was lucky to see this bird flying in the distance.

DSCN1580I was even luckier when it turned and flew towards me.

DSCN1597There is also a collection of animals and birds, unrelated to farming.

DSCN1621This pond reminds me of a certain politician’s expense claims.

DSCN1614I felt for a moment as if I was back in the workplace. Ignored and irrelevant.

DSCN1635A pride of lions……

DSCN1654….and a proud peacock.

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