Feliz Cumpleaños y Bienvenido

Sunday 28th July I was invited, by my friend Sonia and her family, to go to, what was like a combination of a religious festival ( Apurimac – la Virgen de Cocharcas) and a country fair. There was folk music, dancing, a demonstration of Peruvian Horses plus lots of other activities. Food was available and I sampled Cuy (guinea pig). Delicious.DSCN0864

After the festival we went to her brother´s farm, where another brother and his friend entertained us on various musical instruments.
It was a celebration of Sonia´s birthday, a continuation of the Fiestas Patrias and a ” Welcome to Perú” party.

Good fun accompanied by some good beer. Sonia has a large family and they all made me feel very welcome.