Ollantaytambo & Chinchero – Sacred Valley

Continuing on our journey through the Sacred Valley, after lunch in Pisac, we headed for Ollantaytambo, a city about 65 kms from Cusco. I had passed through Ollantaytambo on my way back from Machu Picchu a few days earlier and caught a glimpse of the Inca ruins. I decided to go back and have a proper look.

From Ollantaytambo, we travelled to Chinchero. I still am not certain of the purpose of the visit, although it is famous for its market. We arrived at Chinchero as the sun was setting and I became somewhat distracted.

Pisac – Sacred Valley

The trip to the Sacred Valley was excellent and included visits to the ruins at Pisac, Ollantaytambo, where we also had lunch, and then on to Chinchero, where I watched a beautiful sunset in the mountains.

First of all, we stopped at a small roadside market to see some examples of local handicrafts.

From there we went onto the town of Pisac which is situated by the Urubamba river. There we visited the ruins of an Inca citadel.