News July 10th 2013

I have now managed to confirm some accommodation in Cuzco for 4 weeks commencing 24th September. This is later than I had originally planned so I have decided to stay here in the Penthouse in Miraflores for another month. I can explore the north of Peru from here quite comfortably, including a trip to the Amazon for a few days in the Iquitos area.

The last 2 days I have been on shopping trips, both locally, to the Larcomar Centre  IMG_0145 here in Miraflores and also the Polvos Azules commercial centre in central Lima. The former has several quality stores as well as eateries of various types and prices. The latter has row after row of small outlets full of knock offs ( it would appear – allegedly). I was only sight seeing at Polvos Azules but I will probably go back and buy a few things before I head south in a few weeks time.

Whilst making my way to Polvos Azules from the Metropolitano Station, I encountered some street acrobats performing for the captive audience waiting in their cars at the traffic lights. DSCN0709 I then made my way past the National Stadium. DSCN0720 Nice.

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